Friday Feedback

January 15, 2016 Edition

“The words of a mission statement are not worth the paper they are written on unless people begin to do differently” (Dufour, 2010, p. 23)

Back in October I wrote a feedback pertaining to our mission as educators here at KMS. One of the top items our Building Leadership Team will be tackling soon is that of taking all of our various mission statements, and there are a few varieties, and writing a mission all KMS staff really identify with and agree upon. I also think it's important, just like any winning team or organization, to review our current mission and goals often. So with that in mind, here is that edition from October so that we can ensure that what we do here at KMS on a daily basis is making progress towards this mission statement -

As a former teacher and a person who absolutely loves education, I remember as a teacher at times feeling like I was floundering - doing what I was asked to do but not always sure why. I never publicly questioned where we were going, because that's not my style, but there were often times when I felt lost or directionless and I know many of my colleagues felt the same.

In an attempt to connect the dots and be transparent about where I would like to see us go, let's try this:

If we truly want to become the "Best School in the Universe" where we are providing an educational environment and opportunity for all students to learn and develop to their individual potential and grow academically and socially to the max

Then We Must -

1) a. have clearly defined power learning standards that we want each child to achieve (no matter what) and

b. have an assessment and grading system that communicates what students currently know and are able to do around these standards so we know where they need to go

2) a. build appropriate relationships with kids centered on trust, provide engaging lessons and multiple opportunities for students to learn these standards AND not letting them move on until they achieve these essential standards

b. provide supports for kids who learn at different speeds or who may come from different backgrounds and homes

3) create a Professional Learning Community that emphasizes and encourages professionals to get together, identify what they need to get better at based on data, design their own PD/PLC goals, and attack barriers to learning.

When these things come together we can achieve great things for our kids and our culture of learning.

Important Dates Coming Up -

Monday 1/18 - No School = Teacher Quality PD Day - MLK Day

Thursday 1/21 - MS Bball - 4:30

Friday 1/22 - MS Wrestling - 4:30

Down the road...

Monday 2/1 - 1:45 Bell Schedule - "Victory in Control" Assembly 2-3pm

Monday 2/15 - No School - President's Day

Wednesday 2/24 - Inservice PD Day - More details coming soon...

"The Best School in the Universe"