The Best place ever

The Falls

One of my favorite attractions to go to is The Falls even though they were man made it is still cool because if you through a stick in you can some times watch it go down the water it is cool because some times if you throw it like a dart it will go threw the water and shoot out of the Falls .Also it use my grandma and grandpa live in Idaho Falls so we get go there a lot.One of my other favorite place to go in Idaho falls is the sculptress the reason i like this so much is because first it looks cool and second because it is all made of natural materials except for the birds those are metal.
Visit Idaho Falls
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Idaho Falls is one of my favorite places to go in Idaho but there is another place i like to go to it is called Yellow stone national park.the cool part is that it crosses over into 4 states another cool thing is the animals there are some of the animals you might see.
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The Hot Pots and Old Faithfull

The hot pots were my favorite because the cool colors of the water."How the water changes color so much as it get so hot."Old Faith full is my second favorite thing in Yellowstone National Park old Faith Full only erupts every 45 minutes but it is worth it it is Awesome.