Japan is made up of many islands. There are four main islands. The islands are mostly rugged and moutainous. It has a cool to tropical climate depending on where you are and what season it is. Japan is located in an area where several tectonic plates meet so there are many earthquakes, volcanos, and typhoons and tsunamis.


Japan had a golden age. They had a series of great rulers. They brought peace and prosperity though out japan. They started to excel in poetry art and literature.

Tale of ronin

During Japan's early and feudal ages there was a group of samurai. They had lost their leader and became ronin also know as leaderless. They set out on a quest to avenge their fallen leader. Their quest became known as the tale of ronin.


Shintoism is a religion used in japan meaning "way of the gods". It is based on the worship of nature and good spirits. They build shrines for supernatural spirits called kami. The shrines are places of worship for Buddhism and Shintoism. They are powers that are sometimes referred to as gods. The shrines built are always in nature showing their respect for their surroundings. Shintoism was Japan's state religion up until 1945. They japan was given freedom of religion and no one religion was put before another.
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The shogun who were similar to kings ruled the country through the daimyo who were similar to nobles. The daimyo were the heads of the samurai who provided protection. Peasants farmed the land in exchange for protection by the samurai, who operated under a code of conduct known as bushido. There was no social mobility whatever class you were born into was where you stayed.
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Current events

After the massive earthquake japan had a few years ago people are finally starting to return to their homes, but there are still places where people are unable to return to. The radiation levels from the destroyed nuclear factories are still to high for people to live there. They are trying their best to get rid of the remaining waste.