Bearcat Brief

December 2

Notes from Niki

Welcome back! I'm not sure if this is good or bad news, but we only have 15 days left of this semester. I know it was just a short break, but please take the opportunity to remind students of our expectations and to remind them that in order to qualify for incentive day, they will have to meed the following late work guidelines:

    • 3-4 Late Homework Assignments= miss 1 session of incentives (for full quarter 4-6)

    • 5-6 Late Homework Assignments= miss 2 sessions of incentives (for full quarter 7-9)

    • 7-9 Late Homework Assignments= miss 3 sessions of incentives (10-11)

    • 10 or more Late Homework Assignments= miss all 4 sessions of incentives (12+ for the full quarter)

  • These numbers are regardless of whether or not it is turned in at the time of the incentive day. If it is turned in late, it will count against their incentive day. The homework room will still operate as it has previously for unfinished work.

The NWEA window is now open for our winter testing. In the fall, make-up tests took up an inordinate amount of Crystal's time. Here are some things to consider:

  • If 5 or more students are not finished testing in the class time allowed, plan on at least another partial day of class time to test. You can take time at the beginning of class to give directions for an enrichment or reinforcement activity for those who are done and then resume testing.
  • If students are just a few questions away from finishing a test, please send their next hour teacher an email or have the student go check-in quickly and then come back and finish his or her test. You will end the session that the student is testing in and then do a quick add to your subsequent session.
  • For students who have absences, Crystal will choose a different period each day and do all make-up testing during that period.

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Upcoming Events


December 1-18- NWEA Winter Testing

December 2-6- 7th grade Boys' Basketball @ St. James Tournament

December 2-6- 8th grade Boys' 'Basketball @Union Tournament

December 3- JV Tournament here

Concessions- Tara

December 5- JV Tournament here

Concessions- Summers

December 10- Faculty Meeting, 7:20

December 10- 7/8 Boys' Basketball vs. St. James, 5:30

Clock- Beth, Book- Phil, Gate- Engemann, Concessions- Brethorst

December 11-12- Area Schools Collaboration

December 11- Enrichment Showcase

December 11- Fire Drill, 2:00

December 11- 3rd and 4th Grade Concert, 7:00 in HS Auditorium

December 12- PBIS Leadership Team Training, CoMo

December 12- 4-6 PLC

December 12- Board Meeting, 6:00

December 13- Band Concert, 7:00

December 16- 7/8 Boys' Basketball vs. Montgomery, 5:30

Clock- Beth, Book- Phil, Gate- Tara, Concessions- Eggen

December 18- Choir Concert, 7:00