Mrs. Clark's First Grade Class

A look into what's going on in room 508

Good writers...

I am blessed to have students this year that LOVE writing. Some days, I have kiddos that BEG me to let them skip math or reading so they can finish writing their "piece". (I can't oblige that request, but I LOVE their enthusiasm!) Right now, we are learning about "small moments"--moments that you can "zoom in on" and "make the movie in your head, then write it all down". (I'm using lots of "quotes" here because I want you to know the vocabulary I'm using!) I also talked to them about how a small moment is like "the tiny seed in a big watermelon" trip to the beach might be the "big watermelon", but building a sand castle with my daughter is the "tiny seed". Our writers practiced developing story ideas, bouncing those ideas off a partner, chose one to hone in on, and are now in the "make the movie..." stage. I'm excited to see how their writing progresses and read some of their unique personal memories--swimming across the pool for the first time, going to a restaurant that served food on a frisbee, getting stung by a bee, etc.


We are now working on place value to 99 and comparing numbers. Students learned about the tens and ones places. We count our school days every day using straws, and when we get to ten, they are bundled up and moved to the tens place. This allows students to visualize place value and helps them to understand that 3 bundles and 5 single straws is the same thing as 3 tens and 5 ones, which makes 35.

We also learned about "greater than" and "less than" and using signs to compare numbers. Students loved making "alligators" with a partner to compare numbers this week! Remember, the alligator ALWAYS wants to eat the bigger fish!

SAY CHEESE! Picture day is coming!

Wednesday, Oct. 16th, 10am

3400 Welsh Avenue

College Station, TX

To order pictures, you MUST pre-pay and it MUST be in by Wednesday morning. All students will have their picture taken regardless of payment, but there will NOT be an option to order later.

Fall Party Notes

Our Fall party will be held Wednesday, October 31 from 1:10-2:10. Each student will be decorating a mini-pumpkin, so please send one in for your child that week. If you are interested in helping with the party, please contact our room mom, Melinda Wood, at She'll also be in touch with those that have previously signed up to help!