Danny Nason


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Table of Contents

chapter 1:introduction

chapter 2:what they look like \ colors

chapter 3:what they eat

chapter 4:were they live

Chapter 1: Introduction


Do you now what hops and makes a croaking sound? Well they don,t only make croaking sounds and hop they have a really toung not only a really long toung a really sticky toung have you gest what is yet well if you gest a frog well your correct a frog hops and makes croacking sounds and hops inthis book i will teach you about types/ names what they look like/ colors were they live.

what they look like

Some frogs have difrent colors.Like dark blue or red with black spots look like a boom box. red eyed tree frogs don,t only have green for a color some have dark green.Some frogs mite be INVISIBEL! what i mean is on a log a frog could be brown. there is a frog cauld a micro frog


Did you now that frogs eat bugs. Maybe other Frogs!. How they catch the bug they have a really sticky tolung they use the tip of there toulng. The bug flys over the frogs tong snatch. Some frogs eat even bigger snacks like worms and mise


Some frogs live in the deserts water lakes. Frogs are smart amphibians mostly in ponds. Maybe a frog lives up to 30 years.also in a rain forest. Some frogs live under ground. ones a frog came to my house and i held it up and some thing happend.


Hope you like frogs now the frogs will miss you. We will croack you later. Frogs are very smart.frogs are a very good pets. frogs need to survive with food water.Frogs are nise animals.