Workplace Ettiquette

By: Grace Gengler

What is workplace etiquette?

Workplace etiquette is how you present yourself to others in the workplace. This varies from first impressions to everyday work. First impressions are very important, and they are how many employers and co-workers will see you as a person. It is important to be prepared and to follow these tips.

How to present yourself

It is important to present yourself as professional. Ways to do this include sitting and standing up straight, making eye contact, having a firm handshake, following the dress code, arriving early, and being alert and friendly.

Here are some examples!

Why is work etiquette important?

Having work etiquette shows your employer or interviewer that you are interested and paying attention. In the work place, verbal and non verbal communication is very important. Etiquette goes hand in hand with non verbal communication as well as your first impression. Make sure to give your co workers space, and respect their privacy.