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The Tot Spot Early Education Academy

Mr. Mike's Email: michael@ilovethetotspot.com

Ms. Alisha's Email: alisha@ilovethetotspot.com

Ms. Katie's Email: katie@ilovethetotspot.com

Ms. Le Andra's Email: leandra@ilovethetotspot.com

Teacher's Email: totspot.teachers@gmail.com

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Special Events and Birthdays!!




Current Events:

  • July 4th - CLOSED
  • July 19 - Supply fee due
  • July 8th-12th - Ms. Alex is on vacation

    July 26th-29th - Ms. Alex is on vacation

  • Future Events:

    August 31-Physical due


    The weather is getting warm, the sun is shining, it is time for water play! Please be on the look out to see what days water play fall on!

    What we need:

    • CLOSED toe shoes, that you do not mind getting wet.
    • Bathing Suit
    • Sun Hat ( optional)

    Upcoming Zoophonics Friends

    We will resume our ZooPhonics friends in August. This summer we will be learning about different themes every week.

    New to our school? Check out links at the end of the newsletter to learn the sounds and Zoophonics song.

    PTO and Vacations

    Did you know we have a PTO? Interested in helping out? Please see Ms. LeAndra or Ms. Alisha.

    Who do you contact concerning vacation credit? Please email Mr. Mike at michael@ilovethetotspot.com

    It's Summertime!!

    Hey guys! It's officially warmer weather time! Please make sure your child has sunscreen if your not wanting to use our universal. Your child also needs a water bottle with no straw and that has the mouthpiece covered. Please make sure they have a swimsuit and water shoes in their cubby as well as extra clothes. Thanks! :)

    In the Classroom!

    • Remind Me App: It's a free app that we're using to for simple reminders like show and share, friend of the week, physical due dates, etc. Our class code is 26kh9g

    Fav books for the month: Painting a Rainbow - Lois Ehlert , Dinoshapes - Roger Priddy , Let's Go Thomas - Thomas & Friends

    Table Time: We will be working on math, counting 1-10 (English/Spanish) and classifying.

    Sensory, Art, Science:

    We're going to enjoy coloring our letter friend of the week, and practice using our five senses to be kind to one another.


    Did you know we have snack math every day? We spend this time working on counting, color recognition, shapes, and vocab. We also have math when we are singing our songs like "5 Little Monkeys, Ducks, or Zoophonics Animal" of the week.

    Dramatic Play:

    This month we are trying to "pretend" eating and working together in the kitchen.


    We're continuing to practice and learn how to use our manners, say please, thank you, and sorry. We are also working on using words to express each other.

    Gross Motor/Music & Movement: We're going to spend the month outside! We are going to be balancing on one foot and jumping up and down with both feet of the ground, and kicking balls. For music and movement we are going to be having dance parties along with expressive dance.


    Scholastic is done for the summer. We will resume back in August! Thanks for all your orders :)


    The Book Nook

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    Your kiddos love it when they are read to. I make it a priority to put reading time into our daily schedule. We have story time 2-3 times everyday. They love being read to and someday will love to read themselves.

    Summer Books

    Here are some summer books that your child want to read this summer!

    The Parent's Spotlight

    Thank you!!!

    • Thank you to all the parents for donations towards Graduation and family fun day!

    • Remember there is a suggestion box in the lobby, and we love to hear about ideas to enhance the learning environment for your children.

    Would you like to donate?

    We could use:

    • Chalk, Bubbles, and Balls (all sizes)
    • Shoes and socks (all sizes) for back ups for when kiddos have accidents
    • Storage boxes
    • Clear plastic jars (i.e. mayonnaise, peanut butter, jelly..etc.)
    • Is there ever a time when you say to yourself, " I wonder if The Tot Spot would want this"? We could use it in so many ways. You may have babies, but the whole school is yours. Everything can turn into a sensory activity or learning experience. So, before you throw out your junk, ask your teacher if it could be used

    The Teacher's Spotlight

    What's the meaning of your name?

    • Ms. Alex: In Greek the meaning of the name Alexandria is: A feminine form of Alexander meaning defender of men.
    • Ms. Alisha: Alisha means 'Protected by God" in the terms of the Sanskrit language
    • Mr. Mike: Derived from the Hebrew Mikhael; "Who is like God?"
    • Ms. Le Andra: The Greek meaning is Feminine of Leander. Lionesss.
    • Ms. Katie: Pure
    • Ms. Erin: Its Irish and it means peace.
    • Ms. Kelsey: The Irish meaning of Kelsey is Brave

    • Ms. Kit: It's just a three letter nickname for Catherine. I had friends who had three letter nicknames and I wanted one but already knew a Cat and there was a character named Kit in a book I was reading at the time.

    • Ms. Kayla: No known meaning.

    The Tot Spotter's Spotlight