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Discovery Education

We have the subscription, we use it, but what all can we do with it! Let's look at some ideas!

Videos and More!

Discover Education (United Streaming) has been on our subscription list for a long time, but I thought I would share some things that you may have not discovered.

Discovery Education is more that a digital video library.

There are:

  • songs for all subjects and sound effects
  • interactive activities
  • presentations
  • reading passages
  • encyclopedia articles
  • assessments

All of these can searched by keyword or standard! They can be downloaded, or you can build a class and assign students resources on the website.

My Content

My Content is the section of the site where you can organize personal playlists of videos, assignments, songs, and even upload your own content (almost any type of document, pdf, spreadsheet, presentation, image, audio, video) for your lessons. Think of it as a place to organize content for lessons. All resources can be shared with colleagues or even assigned to students.

DE allows you to download resources even to mobile devices. This is particularly useful if you have a sub and want to use a video or if you are concerned about playback buffering. You can download the whole video or just the parts that you need for your lesson.

Quick List

Discovery's QuickList bar is located at the very bottom of your search results. Quicklist is a great place to organize resources and make lesson plans as you are searching. You can drag items down there for later viewing or for organizing the way you want them after you have found all of your resources. You can quickly delete a resource by clicking the X. Easy removing and adding makes this very handy if you find a better resource or change your mind. The quick list is excellent for searching resources on the fly.

Board Builder

Discovery Board Builder is similar to Glogster. Students and teachers can build interactive multimedia flyers to present projects, content, or lessons. Teachers can assign Boards for their students through Classroom Manager. Click the assign button at the upper-right and then choose your assign date, due date, class, and students.

50 Ways to Use Board Builder with a Class

Examples of Boards

Allen's FAQS

High School Rubric for Science Project

13 Colonies Project

Junior High/ High School Example from Learn21

How to Use DE Board Builder

Classroom Manager

Classroom manager allows you to create an online classroom environment where you can assign content, quizzes, and boards to your students. Students are given their own login and have a site that is their own. What is cool about this site is that they can change the theme, read DE created Blogs, build boards, and complete assignments.

Resources for Discovery Education