An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

Ambrose Bierce

Plot line: The process of death conveyed with your life flashing before your eyes

Exposition: Southern man is about to be hanged by Yanks

Rising Action: The preparation of the hanging

Climax: Hanging occurs

Falling Action: Man imagines himself free; life events flash before his eyes

Resolution: Man is killed

Theme: The acceptance of death

The protagonist follows this idea of 'Death isn't something to run away from, but something to accept'. He knows he is at the stage of dying yet he doesn't fear it and accepts his downfall.

Major Conflict: Man v. Man

War, the battle between the north and south and how the man tries to save himself from being hanged and killed.



"A rope loosely encircled his neck" (11)

This quote shows how the man is witnessing the idea of death through the hanging, the major conflict in the story.