Income Producing Activities!

New Consultant Training Vol. #6

Beyond the Book Party

If you were part of a "Take a Look" event to learn more about UBAM, then you may recall that there are income producing opportunities beyond home parties and Facebook parties. Click here to learn more about Cards For a Cause, Literacy For a Lifetime, Reach For the Stars, and the School & Library division.

Booths are another great venue to meet many new people and gain leads that may further your business. The Home Office has a booth policy in place to help those of us in the field. As consultants, we are bound to events within 150 miles from our address. In addition please note the following guidelines:


Before trying to register please respect the prior year’s Consultant; the Event belongs to them until 30 days prior to the Event being held, unless the final Event deadline is before then. When an Event vendor registration deadline is more than 30 days before the event, this takes precedence over our UBAM 30 day deadline.

If you were a vendor last year and wish to have a booth again, you should register by the final Event registration deadline OR 30 days before the event, whichever is sooner. Event Organization deadlines usurp UBAM deadlines. They need to fill their event and are not expected to continue to hold space for a previous consultant who did not register by the Event deadline.

What does this mean?
• EDC School & Library policies (if appropriate) must be met first. Booths at schools belong to the listing consultant, if the booth benefits or is put on by the school. If the School/Library has been listed since the last event was held the listing consultant now has first right to the event.
• The booth registration process should always start by following UBAM booth policies. You MUST always ask if another Consultant has registered this year, and if not, enquire if another Consultant worked the event last year. See ‘Booth Information’ in the Consultant Guide for more details.
• Event final deadlines take precedence over UBAM deadlines.
• UBAM booth policy allows one Consultant per event and is not overruled by Event policies.

Our booth policies/deadlines are not the concern of Event Organizers. They should not be drawn into disputes between Consultants and should not need to contact Home Office. Disputing Event policies has occasionally led them to ban all UBAM Consultants from events. Booth opportunities are plentiful, so let’s be professional and respectful and give everyone a great impression of UBAM.

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School & Library Division

EDC Educational Services is the school & library division of Usborne Books & More. This division markets Usborne and Kane Miller books along with educational programs for the school and library market. An Educational Consultant is qualified to present these services to the school and library market. To get started in S&L, consultants need to purchase an EC Kit (currently on a "freeze" for new EC's until further notice). After reading the EC Manual, successful completion of an online test is required. Schools and libraries are listed by EC's, so be sure to check in the Back Office to see if a location near you is available. (Pre-schools are not included as listed.) EC's live near the school/library they are selling to so that they can provide a more personal or "on the spot" service.