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Gaining the Best Deal through Pay As You Go EE Plan

If you do not want to be tied to a lengthy contract with a mobile network provider, your best option is the pay as you go ee plan with 4G network coverage. We are offering you this option so that you will have more control over phone bills. You can simply top off your phone with credits if you need extra minutes to make a call or if you need to surf the web. Another option that we offer is the ee mobile 4G deal where you get your dream smartphone in the process.

Gaining more control of your mobile usage through pay as you go ee plan

The ee mobile 4G deal can be very tempting because it goes with a free smartphone for a 24-month contract. However, if you are buying a phone for a teenager, the pay as you go ee plan will be a better option so that you can control where the money goes. Your teenager will learn how to manage mobile usage with the pay as you go plan since the allowance for texts, minutes and data have a limit. Besides that, you won’t want to be tied to a long term contract.

However, in your choice for mobile phone plan, it is important to determine network coverage whether you can use a 4G mobile device in your area; otherwise, you have to make do with your 3G gadget. Poor reception is a common compliant because 4G is not supported in your area. It can be very frustrating if you cannot make calls or browse the internet. You will also notice that your phone’s battery easily gets low because of the difficulty of finding a signal. In order to avoid this situation, check which network has the best signal in your area. Through a mobile phone coverage map produced by OpenSignal, you can find the average upload and download speeds in a particular location.

Once you have found which network offers the strongest signal, then it is the appropriate time to choose a new mobile phone and a corresponding mobile network plan that will provide the best value for the money paid.

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