Holiday Party

Mrs. Burdis's Homeroom

Food/Drink Drop-Off

The party will begin at 2:15 on Friday! Feel free to bring/send in items prior to that time, if it is more convenient for you.

We are still in need of drinks and pizza money :)

Thanks to all who have already sent things or money! It is going to be a fun way to end the semester!

Let's Celebrate!

Your kids have almost made it through their first semester of middle school! It is a 6th grade tradition to celebrate this accomplishment with a homeroom party.

The party will be on the afternoon of Friday, December 18th (exact time is TBD) in my classroom, room 312. We will watch a movie and enjoy some good times before the much deserved beak.

Food and Beverage Request

In order for this party to be a success, we need as many students as possible to bring in food and/or drinks. I will also order pizza for the class--any amount of financial donation towards this is welcome (as little as $1 to as much as $20)... the more money brought in, the more pizza I can order (I will start accepting money tomorrow)!

Or, you could bring or send in any of the following (please be aware that there are 30 students in our homeroom):

  • Individual drinks (sodas or juice boxes)
  • Chick-Fil- A nugget tray, sub tray, or wing tray
  • Crunchy, salty snacks (Chips, dips, or finger foods)
  • Sweets (cookies, desserts, or candy)
  • Healthy snacks (fruits, veggies, cheese, etc.)