High risk of cancer

In patients with high risk should the cancer be treated immediately. The KCE stresses that the final decision "the personal preference of the patient should be decisive."

A patient will only AS can choose if at least one of the doctors he visits convinced of AS and reassures him." http://www.trulia.com/discussion/Home_Buying-high_risk_of_cancer-683443The KCE calls for a decision that is shared. Physician and patient This requires a fully informed patient and a physician with the right skills for this type of shared decision-making, it reads.

"Cancer treatment almost priceless"
The latest cancer treatments are very expensive. If government intervention is not urgent, they are priceless. That says a group of 45 experts led by the Flemish League against Cancer. "Every patient must be given the appropriate treatment," said Chairman and Professor Jean-Jacques Cassia.

"Now often get patients an expensive treatment, which beforehand is already clear that they will lash out. Anything is one of the many recommendations which the experts still want. Costs of the treatments under control Now there are medicines to cost 100,000 Euros per patient http://www.trulia.com/discussion/Home_Buying-high_risk_of_cancer-683443

That's because it takes a long time to develop them and because they often serve a small group of patients only.