By Annabelle Torres and Marlin Gonzales

Why drugs were used .

In the story "A long way gone" it talks about how they druged kids to make them fight & kill. kids took drugs to take away pain . and it also gave them energy to kill people . they also use drugs to control the kids and they will get addicted to them . so if they get addicted they wont want to leave because theyre brains will tell them to stay because they need the drugs.

Quotes from a long way gone

"marching smoking & sniffing the cocaine & brown brown that was abundance at Bauya. We chatted all night mostly about how good the drugs were"

This shows how the kids really liked using the drug



This link connects to the article becausechildren are often brainwashed and drugged before they are forced to fight.

http://reliefweb.int/report/liberia/liberiasierra-leone-warlords-reap-childrens-warthis link connects to the article In Sierra Leone and in Liberia , the child soldiers were deliberately put on drugs .

What do You do with Former Child Soldiers who Want to Stop Using Drugs?


my projects theme connects to "a long way gone" & the article i selected because they both talk about how kids used drugs , they used drugs as being child soldiers because they needed to take away the pain. the older soldiers gave them the drugs to make them say because they are aventually going to get addicted to it. in the article it says the kids where forced to do the drugs . in a long way gone it says the boy got drugged out for the pain to go away .