What's your body saying

Your body is talking, are you listening?

The importance of knowing what your body is saying!

Are you sacrificing your health, for beauty? The number of chemicals found to be in our beauty products can actually be Thyroid disruptors that can inhibit your body's natural ability to function properly.

It's true the things we do to stay beautiful may be jeopardizing our health. I was a product of the 70's all natural generation. I frustrated my Mom and probably my Sisters because I saw no need to spend the time to put on makeup in high school. I have no doubt now, that my Thyroid and my body was sending me unlimited amounts of data which I listened to until I succumbed to the pressure that life was better if you did these things. So I ignored what my body was saying and paying the price. When I lost my Dad to a Heart attack - He was only 47 and I was just 17. Too young, over the next 40 years I would come to understand he was the source of my Thyroid condition. Therefore, he must been undiagnosed and died too young as a result of lifestyle choices and the lack of knowledge from conventional medicine.

Unfortunately, there is little more that is known today as there was then by conventional medicine. It's not my intention to bash conventional medicine it has its place especially when you have broken bones or need surgery. I've discovered that most conventional medicine as we know it has given up their convictions they once had, to the "Standard of Care" philosophy dictated by Big Pharma and Insurance. Even the lab ranges they are basing their diagnosis on, may be out of date. This leads me to "the movement"!

I'M ON A MISSION AND I'M SEEKING YOUR HELP! In my 10 year journey of discovery, I've learned the importance of FUNCTIONAL VS CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE. What I'm talking about, is Prime Meridian Clinics and doTERRA. My mission is to make sure we have a clinic within a 50 mile radius of every Wellness Advocate in the US and abroad. Wow, yeah, I have to shoot for pluto in order to orbit with the moon. I want to make a significant difference in the world when I leave it. I've always been a Naturalist, with realistic expectations. I was using glass before it became the thing to do. I didn't like plastics but now I understand why. I like the concept of growing my own foods, even though I'm not so good at it. Sound fun!

YOUR HELP - do you know a Doctor in your area that is open to treating with Functional methods (thinking outside the box without out Big Pharma in their pocket), if you do, would you make an introduction for me to talk with them and put them in touch with doTERRA's Prime Meridian Teams.

I'm serious, if we don't do something we are all at risk - don't be put through the gerbil wheel of treatment only to have the worst care, resulting in damage to your body for life. Be kind to yourself and let's get this mission underway.

I've added a brief article on the toxins to stay away from when you have a Thyroid condition.

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