The Life Cycle of Duct Tape

By: Valerie Eckert


Materials used:
  • Cotton
  • Polyethylene coating
  • Adhesive
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1. The adhesive is mixed in a mixer and heated

2. The rubber starts in the form of a pellet, but is continually mixed until melted down

3. Other materials then get added to thicken the mixture while keeping it smooth enough to fit into the holding tank.

4. The adhesive and cloth are then bonded together through rollers

5. The clothe is then coated

6. Rollers then add the adhesive side following the polythene

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  • Repair or patch
  • Decorating
  • Joining objects
  • Hanging items
  • Crafts


Most brands of duct tape are good for 12 months, but if stored correctly can last up to a couple of years. Duct tape is not reusable though so once it has been applied to a surface and then peeled of, it looses it strong adhesive value and can not stick again or be used again.


Unfortunately because of the materials used to create duct tape it is not recyclable, and it ends up in land fills. Although it does not create much waste, because it can be used and kept for a couple of years, it is still destructive to our environment due to its inability be recycled.


Duct tape itself can not be recycled but it can help you reduce rescue and recycle around your house!

  • Use duct tape to make repairs
  • Let nature mend by repairing broken tree branches
  • Make reusable, and durable bags
  • Seal bags so food doesn't go bad
  • Conserve water by wrapping leaks in duct tape

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