Virtual Resume

Jassimran Hundal

Academic goal: I will be aiming to get a 80% or above average by the time i graduate high school

S: Get a 80 average by the end of semester 2. By keeping track of every test i get and adding up my marks making sure I get at least a 80 on every test or assignment, giving it my best effort.

M: I will achieve this goal by the end of February and June of 2018. When we receive our final report cards for both semesters and i add them up.

A: Spending less hours on social apps like twitter,Facebook,snap chat,etc and converting that time wasted into something useful to help me for my goal with studying. I will Study one hour a day even on weekends, seven days a week.

R: I can achieve this goal because my previous averages were around 70% but i know i did not give it my all which made me ending up with that mark. I will aim for 10% higher by studying everyday with hard work and dedication to my academic goal.

T: The time i will achieve this goal is the end of June of 2018. Because i am only two years into high school not putting in my best effort receiving a 70% average. If i give dedication and hard work following my morals i can accomplish this goal in two years easily.

Volunteer SMART goal: to achieve my 40 hours to graduate

S: To achieve 40 volunteer hours

M: I will try getting at-least one hour of community service a week. I will become more of a open person associating with people which will open more opportunities for volunteer hours.

A: Instead of doing volunteer service for my parents like cutting the grass, i will do that for the city of Brampton getting recolonization with it receiving hours, helping me receive mu long term goal.

R: I can achieve this goal by trying to get into any programs that offer volunteer service. By being open and interacting with a larger group than usual.

T: The time frame to achieve my 40 hours of volunteer service is 2018 of June when i will graduate from LASS

Jassimrans Resume

Future Job Resume

Jassimran Hundal


(63 grasshopper lane), Brampton, ON,

(T): (647) 878-1617 (E): Objective To get a job as an architect in the construction industry


· Natural leader with the ability to grasp concepts quickly and easily.

· Strong communication, interpersonal and organizational skills.

· Team oriented, proactive and dedicated.

· Self-starter, independent and results oriented.

· Critical assessment skills.

· Key Performance Indicators.

· Fluent in English, Punjabi and Hindi.


September 2014- June 2018 (gr 9 - 12) Louis arbour Secondary School Brampton, ON

September 2019- Present University of Toronto

Toronto, ON

Work Experience

January 2016- Present Brampton Civic Hospital Brampton, ON

*Volunteer at the hospital's gift shop.

*Experienced on how to work a register, excel in costumer service and great communication skills.

*Can tidy up surrounding.

July 2013 – Present Khalsa Construction Inc. Brampton, ON

* Volunteer at construction job

* Operating big heavy machinery

* Installing windows ,doors, cabinets

* Making and working with blueprint outlines and bringing ideas to life

September 2014 –June 2015 Events Coordinator

Splitsville Entertainment - Burlington - Burlington, ON

*Decorating events and organizing layouts for Hall parties, kids birthday parties, and recreational center parties

*Scheduling and planning events in a certain time and for a certain time


January 2016- Present Brampton Civic Hospital Brampton, ON

*Volunteer at the hospital's gift shop.

*Experienced on how to work a register, excel in customer service and great communication skills.

*Can tidy up surrounding.

July 2013 – Present Jagmeet Singh’s Constituency Office

* Volunteer at a local MP office

* Include door-to-door canvassing for up-coming campaigns and elections

* Setting up banquets, filing papers, and responsible for answering and making phone calls

* Cook and prepare food for up-coming events including: Barbecues, Banquets, picnics, and campaigns weeks

September 2014 –June 2015 Link Crew

Louis Arbour Secondary School

* Setting up orientations and private group sessions for Grade 9 students

* Prepare for school events and ensure a welcoming environment for new students

* Organizing retreats: preparing and serving snacks

* Preparing grade 9 students for EQAO examinations


· University of Toronto – Professor

John, Snow

214 College St

(416) 978-0951

· Member of Parliament - Hon. Bal Gosal

Political Party Brampton, ON L6T 5C6 Phone:(905) 790-9211

Challenges and solutions


The challenges of being an architect is that the process of becoming an architect is that it is a very expensive job. The annual cost of a bachelor's degree in architecture ranges from $15,000 to more than $60,000 a year which is not that affordable . A solution to this challenge is to simply take a student loan.

Another challenge of becoming an architect is that this field is very competitive. Although admission requirements vary considerably, the most reputable architecture schools usually have very competitive standards with heavy emphasis on the physical sciences, geometry, algebra, and trigonometry. A solution to this is using expertise to accelerate in this field and being focused and determined to get good grades.