Maximum love

By: Matthew Rodriguez

Maximum Love

Hi, my name is Max i am a very happy dog who likes long walks and back rubs. I can run really fast due to my four legs . I also have really big ears which help me hear far away. I am looking for a the perfect girl (preferably a gecko). I think the perfect date would be Squirrel! sorry I thought I saw something well where was I, was I talking about legs, no. Oh! ok I remember the perfect date. I think the perfect date would be a long walk in the park with several treat and squirrel stops (same thing). During the date I would show you all the cool things I can do, like how I can jump six feet and how I can burp the alphabet. Also I would like to see all the cool things a gecko can do. My master (which is me, no not the dog i am the guy who's writing this) once had a gecko and she was really cool. (her name was Cat woman). If you are interested call this number 1-800-ilovedogs.