Cristiano Ronaldo, Salvidor Dali, Penlope Cruz

Salvidor Dali

  • Born in Spain, 1940
  • Painter
  • Broke with Survealist Movement
  • Only surviving male child of the Calatan Family
  • He organized a museum of his own work

Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Born in Portugal
  • Soccer Player
  • Scored 3 goals for Manchester in the 2004 FIFA World Cup
  • Manchester paid 12 million pounds for him in 2003
  • Madrid paid 90 million pounds for him in 2009

Penelope Cruz

  • Born April 28, 1974 in Spain
  • Studied classical ballet
  • First Spanish actor and Academy Award winner
  • Actor since she was young
  • Mom had a beauty salon where she felt like an actor

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