Popularmmos/ Pat

Most views for a YouTuber


Pat is a fantastic and famous minecraft YouTuber with the most views for a YouTuber and has almost 7,000,000 subscribers. He himself is really funny. Especially when he is with his wife Jen(ifer)

Subscribers views and videos

Popularmmos has 6,817,729 subscribers and an average of 5 million views for each video he makes a year. He also makes 2 or 3 videos a day. He does challenge games twice a week, he does crafting dead weekly and burning houses weekly and mod showcases every other day. He also does lucky block races and lucky block hunger games weekly. They also do custom maps twice a week.


Popularmmos has 25 video playlists. They are the lucky block hunger games, mod showcases, custom mod challenges, minecraft mini games, minecraft animations, minecraft mob battles, notch land amusement park, minecraft mods vs. Maps, mod battles, minecraft epic proportions, the crafting dead lets play, minecraft survival lets play, skyblock series, epic proportions season 3, mob battles, epic proportions season 2, evil minecraft, mod showcases (again), real life minecraft, minecraft epic proportions, world of Warcraft lets play, minecraft machinimas, wow money making guides and finally minecraft parkour maps.

3 important accomplishments that make pat famous

One of his accomplishments that he made was his amount of subscribers. (6,817,729 specifically) He also the only person that plays the crafting dead, the notch land amusement park and challenge games and the arena that they built for the challenge games. And finally the most important achievement that he made was that he has the most views of any YouTuber in the world.