Garen's Responsibilty

Garen was a young boy who always wanted to be like his father, courageous, smart, and wise. His father was the leader of his tribe out in the far west of Rome, its name was Damacia. It was one ordinary day when Garen’s father set off on a quest to gather herds for the sick and told Garen to take care of the village. All was right in the world when a couple of men came and started some trouble.

“Hey cut it out.” Garen said. The men look down at Garen, “Hahahaha! What are you going to do pip-squeak?” they replied pushing Garen back.

Garen knew he didn’t have any power and he didn’t know how to fight at all. It was dinner time now and Garen and his father are peacefully eating at the table. “Garen, do have something to tell me?” Garen’s father asked. “No...” Garen mumbled looking down at his bowl. “Garen your sister told me what happened.” Right as Garen heard his father finish that sentenced his eyes grew wide. “What!?!” Garen yelled. Lux, Garen’s sister, was always so sneaky. She was basically the village scout she knew everything about everyone. She always wears a hood because her golden blonde hair makes her easy to spot, Lux was one of the most beautiful person in the village her blue eyes, and golden hair.

Lux and Garen's Training

Garen rushed upstairs and opened the window in Lux’s room. “Lux!” Garen yelled. Popping out of nowhere, “Yes, my little brother?” Lux replied. “ Why would you tell dad?!?” Garen asked. “My dear brother, after seeing how useless you are I thi-” “Hey!” Garen interrupted. “Shush,” Lux said. “I think it’s time for you to learn how to fight.” Lux explained smiling. “To…fight?” Garen said confused but Lux was already gone.

It was a great morning, sun shining brightly, birds singing, and Garen and his dad were outside, training. “Today son you will learn the art of combat. Shall we begin? First you need a weapon.” As Garen’s dad explained the weapons Garen dosed off. Garen noticed a sword that was separated from the rest, this sword had symbol of a feather on it. “Garen?” Garen’s father said waving his hand in his face. Garen replied, “Yes!?” Garen answered fast like a he found something he’s been looking for his whole life. “Your weapon Garen, choose one.” Garen’s dad said. “I choose that one.” Garen answered pointing at the sword in the back. “Are you sure Garen?” “Yes, I’m sure dad.” Garen said. “Suit yourself, it’ll be difficult but I believe in you.” Garen’s dad said smiling. “Okay then let’s get star-“

So it began

“So… Garen…you will accept the fate to wield the Sword of Justice…?” A voice echoed through the mysterious room. The room was a dark blue; there were no floor, no walls. Garen awoke; Garen gasped “Where am I?” “Where’s the village!? Where’s Father?!” Garen yelled out. “Garen… I know you may have a lot of questions….but those are to be answered soon…For now…Will you accept this fate? The fate as the Swordsman of Justice?” The mysterious voice echoed. “Swordsman of Justice? What do you mea-“

“Garen wake up!?!” Lux cried out. Garen’s eyes opened. “What’s going on…? Garen questioned. “Thank god you’re alive!” Lux cried as she hugged him. “The village is under attack, I have to go help dad defend you stay here okay?” Lux said. “No! I have to help the village!” Garen stood up. “Garen you know nothing!” Lux said “I don’t care! I have to hutelp!” Garen replied. “You stay here!” Lux ran out. Garen walked up to the door but it was locked. “Snap.” Garen looked in the mirror. In the mirror he saw himself, he saw his dark brown hair that was slightly shifted to the left, his blue eyes. He looked down, and then all of a sudden he saw his dad in the mirror. He walked up to the door, and he kicked it open. It was a battle field, soldiers were everywhere fighting one another, the archers which was led by Ashe the leader of Freijord was there fighting alongside with us. Garen looked around and finally he spotted dad. His dad was fighting killing everything in his way. Garen started running towards dad.

When we need you

“Ha!” Garen’s dad yelled. “Dad!” Garen yelled. “Garen! What are you doing here! It’s dangerous!” Garen’s dad yelled. “I know but-“ Garen’s eyes grew wide. His dad was swooped up by a large axe. His dad had been pierced with the axe, blood was everywhere… Garen started crying in angry and sadness. From afar Lux saw Garen and dad, “No!” Lux yelled. “Ashe!” Lux cried out. “On it! Archers ready! Fire!” Ashe yelled. Arrows flew through the air Lux ran up to Garen and grabbed him. Lux ran through the battle field, as Lux was about to get to the house she was stabbed shot in the leg by Vayne, the darkened arrow. “My, my, look what we have here.” Vayne smiled. “What a beautiful face you have, it’ll look lovely on my wall.” Vayne said laughing. “Never!” a ball of plasma energy flew towards Vayne. It was Ezreal; Lux’s boyfriend. “Go Lux!” he yelled. Ezreal dodge Vayne’s arrow and shot out plasma energy towards Vayne.

Lux kept running and eventually she made it to the house. “Garen!?’ Lux yelled. He didn’t answer. “I know something tragic just happened but I need you now! Garen… I need you to be strong…I need your strength.” Lux said crying. Garen remembered what his dad said, “If you can’t fight, then you will end up dying. Sure you’ll have problems but you can overcome them, and don’t ever give up. If life didn’t have problems and you got everything you want when you want, then what’s the point of living?”

Garen got up and walked outside to a stump with the sword in it. He took his hands and grabbed the sword and pulled it out with all his might. Garen was in that room again, the one that was dark blue. “So you accepted this fate. Have you not?” the mysterious voiced echoed. “Yes.” Garen answered. “Okay then, but remember this, this sword is to only be used for justice, don’t let the power over come you.”


Garen was back in reality, he walked off to the battlefield. Garen charged into battle with rage, killing every single enemy who was in his way. Garen wanted revenge, he wanted to kill. Darius the man who killed his father the man who led this attacked saw Garen killing his men. “Pathetic, you worthless beings I’ll take care of him myself.” Darius said to his one of his captains. He walked over to Garen killing anyone who interrupts him.

I will not falter!

“Hello you little brat, I saw your combat. I think you might be a great Noxian, the tribe Darius is in, soldier.” Darius said. “Never!” Garen yelled and he looked at his father’s corpse. Darius saw, “Oh, is this your father?” Darius asked. Garen didn’t answer, Darius walked towards the body. “No? Well in that case.” Darius threw down his axe decapitating Garen’s father. “No!! You will pay!” Garen yelled and charged towards Darius. Darius blocked Garen’s attack. Garen kept swinging and he eventually cut him, “Ouch.” Darius said smiling. Darius swung his sword and spun cutting Garen and knocking him back. “Ahahaha, prepare to meet your end you brat.” Darius yelled.

“Focus Garen, use the swords skill…”

“I WILL NOT FALTER!” Garen yelled and got to his feet and threw his sword in the air a large light shined upon him. “I AM THE SWORD OF JUSTICE!” Garen spun with his sword blowing everything away, he spun so fast he created a bundle of wind so big that Garen couldn’t control. “I WILL AVENGE MY FATHER!” Garen yelled and he scooped up Darius into the wind bundled.


Not knowing Garen was destroying everyone. “Garen!?” Lux screamed “Stop Garen!” Garen couldn’t control his anger and he was killing everyone. Eventually the forces of Damacia and its allies teamed up and had to kill Garen.

Since the sword’s power was not used the proper way the gods had to seal the sword away for good. With a total of 124 deaths from Garen, the Damacians held a great ceremony. If you wield great power, use it only for good and don’t let the power get to you. They sayd when a tornado hits it’s Garen when he’s mad, he just destroys everything.