Sports Medicine Trainer

By: Kristin Burdeau Edited by: Niicole

What is sports medicine?

This person takes care of injuries that happens in a sport game, practice or continues to work with an injured player until near 100% healthy.

Experienced/skills needed

You can’t be afraid of blood, of hurting someone when testing for anything broken. You also have to be calm and steady so the person you are working with does not get scared. Having good communication skills is important.

What education do you need?

You first need to go to college and get a Bachelor's degree. You will need to study nutrition, psychology, human anatomy,and physiology. After you get your degree, you have to go though clinical experience for 2 years with an instructor. Many consider getting a P.H.D or a Doctoral degree.

What branch of science is this career under?

Life science because this job is dealing with the human body and broken bones from sport related.

Why I would choose sports medicine?

It involves working with injuries from sports and that interesting to me because I play sports.