Mrs. Huddleston's Newsletter

September 19-23, 2016

Classroom Events for the Week

  • Monday- September 19th: Computer lab
  • Tuesday- September 20th: No Library, We will go on Wednesday
  • Wednesday- September 21st: Library
  • Thursday- September 22nd: College Shirt Day
  • Friday- September 23rd: Homework due, Spirit Shirt Day (Red, Green, Purple, Yellow)

Upcoming School Events for October

  • Tuesday- October 4: PTA Meeting; 3rd Grade Performance (6pm)
  • Friday- October 7: Bike Rodeo (8-11); Early Release (12:40)
  • Monday- October 10: Student Holiday
  • Friday- October 14: 1st 9 weeks ends
  • Monday- October 17: 2nd 9 weeks begins
  • October 24-28: Red Ribbon Week


Homework is due every Friday.

We have a homework club in our classroom. If homework is turned in every Friday of the month it is due, then at the end of the month your child will receive a homework pass.

The homework pass is good for 1 week of no homework! When/If you decide to use it, you will place it in your child's take home folder ( bring back to school side) to turn into me Friday.

Please do not lose them because I will not replace them.

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Behavior System: The Clipchart

How it Works

Purple: Highest Level- I'm a Leader= 3 tickets

Blue: 2nd Highest Level- Habit Hero= 2 tickets

Orange: 3rd Highest Level- Showing the 7 Habits= 1 ticket

Green: Everyone starts here for the day- Ready to Learn

Yellow: Redirections during the day- Thinking about the 7 Habits

Red: Writing in Folder, Multiple redirections- Reflecting on the 7 Habits

Your child should be coloring the color of which they landed on for the day. If your child receives purple they have had no redirections all day and are on the ball with school. If your child receives blue they were on top of their school work most of the day and showing most of the 7 habits. If your child is on orange they are showing one of the 7 habits sometimes throughout the day and keeping up with their school work. If your child is on green they have a had a good day, just need to pay attention to detail or focus more throughout the day. If your child receives yellow it means that they have some area to improve upon and had to be redirected through the day. If your child receives red there will be written note in their agenda from me explaining what your child needed to be refocused on. Red means lots of redirections.

Your child will be receiving tickets based on where they land on the chart. Once they collect 10 tickets they will be able to go into my prize box.

Your child also has the opportunity to move up and down the clipchart throughout the day. Many opportunities to self reflect and correct behaviors or achieve the highest.

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What Your Child Will be Learning

Reading: Comprehension and Reading Strategies

Social Studies: Communities: City, Town, Farm

Math: Comparing numbers and adding/subtracting within 20

Science: The Four Seasons

Language Arts: Blend Phonemes, Segment Words by Syllables, Word Wall Words for the Week, and -and, -in Word Families

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Please make sure you are sending in earbuds or headphones for your child to use in the classroom.
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  1. Please sign agenda every night. This is a wonderful communication tool for you and I.
  2. Please call the school if there is ever a transportation change 210-407-1600.
  3. If your child is absent, please send in a note within 2 days of the absence.
  4. If you need to contact me
  5. Please send a journal to draw with and a pencil or a book for your child to be working on in the cafeteria before school starts.
  6. Please make sure your child has closed toed shoes on for PE daily.
  7. Scholastic book orders went home. Please send back by Wed. September 28 or use our class code to order books online.