Charles Cornwallis.

The man known for his surrender.

Research Introduction

There was a war for independence between America and Britain in 1775-1783. General Cornwallis was known in this war mostly since he surrendered in YorkTown during 1781. Charles Cornwallis was a skilled general for the British army, and the Americans had a tough time beating him. Charles Cornwallis’s background led him to the American Revolution, and he was very important to this war. Cornwallis accomplished many things for his age for his contribution to society. Cornwallis was a formidable foe for the Americans, since he was a very skilled British general.

Research Highlights

  • Educated at Eton, a military school
  • Studied Math, German, and Military studies
  • His wife's death caused him to go back to war
  • Went back to war against America during 1779
  • Fought against France once again in the American Revolution
  • Voted against declaratory acts being put on America
  • Known mostly for his act of surrendering to George Washington in Yorktown

Andrew Houston