Lets Make some Water Melons

Alex Tang

About Me

My name is Julius Octavian Augustus Caesar, but you can call me Julius Octavian Augustus Caesa'. I'd do anything for you babe. If you give me your love, I will give you millions of eggs. I may be ectothermic, but I will go to the "END"othermic of the world for you. Not only am I drop-dead gorgeous, but I have the gills to pay the bills. Also, do you know why I live in the water? It's the only thing that can cool my hotness.

About You

If you are a girls with feathers and wings, I will treat you like a king. Also, while we are on the topic of limbs, I want a girl with two real legs, not fake wooden pegs. Also, I know your egg are hard, but together our eggs will be he texture of a watermelon.