Happy Summer and Prep for 2013-2014

Principal Update July of 2013

Why are you, BSE, so filled with AWESOMENESS? Let me count the ways...

Completely Awesome Accomplishments from the 2012-2013 school year:

  • Recognized as a 4 STAR SCHOOL for 2011-2012. (Pretty Darn Awesome (PDA).
  • PLP Team: TEAM TOXIC AWESOME selected for presentation at closing PLP event!
  • K-1: Full implementation of common core...with a smile! Awesome with a smile (AWS)
  • Kinder Team: Cranks up the PD intensity and goes wild with increased instructional efficacy, rigor, integrates insane tech options for kids, and does so with full understanding of appropriate developmental options via PLAY! That is way awesome (WA).
  • K-4 literally implements guided math through trial and error, does so at a level that is highly effective! Teams collaborating, sharing, exploring, and in the end finding success with the guided math process. Not too often does a staff complete such work without a firm framework to expand from..wow...simply awesome!
  • Team Leaders - Get down and dirty with Learning By Doing and push their teams to higher ground in collaborative practices. Hard work, sweat, tears, some blood, but stronger teams and pushing further in 2013-2014. awesome...(say this in high pitched voice)
  • Early Childhood - Totally SMALL PERSON AWESOME (SPA) - A new director joins the clan (Shepawesome) and the gears were moving. Intense PD, creative instruction, and service beyond one's imagination!
  • Specials Area Teachers (SAT) - Continue to push for connections with grade level curriculum and provide INSANE AWESOME (IW) student activities, programs, and creative learning options.
  • REACH Teachers - You survived the first year of grade 1 and 2 GT implementation and made it look easy as pie. I might add that the REACH teachers...survived the parents too..AWESOME!
  • Bridget Ryan - Talented, Creative, Calm, Cool, and a Can Do Girl! Totally Awesome (TA)
  • RTI - The ENTIRE staff takes ownership of their RTI load, works through the RTI committee and does so with intensity and focus. RTI committee members keep the cracks sealed and expands Tier 2 and 3 options for math and language. Holy Awesome! (HA)
  • EVAL - 100% of the staff IS effective or highly effective, 100% of the staff makes SLO goals! Way to provide growth across the board...AWESOME!!!!

What other AWESOME things would you like to share that your team or one individual accomplished? Add it to the comments section below! Keep it AWESOME and RESPECTFUL!

BSE Professional Development Schedule 2013-2014


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN – 2013-2014 (subject to change)

Beg of year meeting – Tuesday August 13th, 2013

8-10:30AM – Breakfast Provided by PTO

· PLP -HSE21- Young/Murch/Patrick

· Media / open concept - Patrick

· Safety update: New Entrance Procedures - Kaminski

· Internet safety compliance/Blood Born Compliance - Kaminski

· Cultural Competency – CC Team

· ISTEP/Local Data Summary – Starting Point/Goals - Kaminski

· PD Plan – Kaminski

· Eval Update and Schedule of Events/Due Dates – Derado

· NWEA kick off - Kaminski

· Blackboard Update - Kaminski

9/18/13 - HSE 21 (LATE START) – Teacher app presentation, intro to inquiry pillars, game plan for PD this year, and teacher goal setting.

9/11/13 – Blackboard IF Needed (STAFF)

10/2/13 - NWEA - invite Dr. Loane (LATE START)

10/16/13 - ELA units of study (Derado) (STAFF)

11/13/13 - Words Their Way (LATE START) (Derado)

11/20/13 - Open or Evaluation catch up or Blackboard (STAFF)

12/4/13 - Domain 1 - Planning and Data (LATE START) (Derado)

1/15/13 - HSE21 (LATE START) – Teacher app presentation, in depth inquiry model teacher talk, follow up with tech day concept and one to one coaching.

2/19/14 - PLP DLD Combo (STAFF) – Combine HSE 21 needs and DLD follow up

2/26/14 - Writing in Math w Dr. Loane (LATE START)

3/19/14 – Eval/NWEA/Other (STAFF)

4/16/14 - Understanding by design in science (STAFF)

4/23/14 - Understanding by design team work project follow up (LATE START)

5/30/14 – Closing Breakfast/ Reflection - 8-10AM

Total Hours PD with full staff: 24.5 Hours

These dates and ALL committee meeting dates are found on the SCHOOL ACTIVITIES CALENDAR in outlook. It is YOUR responsibility to add the dates or sync your calendar with the activities calendar. I will NOT be sending calendar information weekly nor will you get reminders from Julie. Please place this item high on your to remember list for 2013-2014. If a date is changed for any committee or staff meeting, the responsible meeting leader will send a notice of change via outlook.

Looks like there is an I in team, bummer, just an FYI for those who had not found out.

Common Core and HSE's Plan

All curriculum mapping that takes place this summer and next school year will embed both INCC and IAS. Since Indiana will use the Common Core as the framework (stated in the Bill) but can add IAS or other pieces, we can easily color code IAS different colors to indicate which standards the teachers want to include as an enhancement, and the ones they will want to eliminate once INCC is fully implemented.The map below shows our K-10 CC/INCC plan for 2013-2014.

K-1 - ELA and Math INCC


New Safety Feature hits BSE and HSE phones

All BSE phones are now equipped with a PAGE ALL SCHOOL feature.

To instantly be able to communicate to the ENTIRE school follow the steps below.

Press the Call 4 key on your key pad, below the screen.

Wait for tone

When you hear the tone, you are into the paging system and may begin your announcement

Hang up when finished

This feature is NOT to be used during the "normal" school day and SHOULD be used when you have a situation of danger and need to alert the entire school population. We will discuss this and the new entrance procedures at our opening staff meeting at BSE on Tuesday, August 13th.

PBS Update from the desk of Bridget Ryan

The PBIS committee met on May 16 and discussed the following:

  • Two of the teachers shared a site called classdojo. This is a type of behavior plan that you can use in the classroom and does give a variety of options for communication to parents. Some teachers use for entire school year, but most use for a short term (before a break, end of the year).
  • Discussed students currently in tier 2/3 will continue into the following school year. Teachers will be notified by Mrs. Ryan and interventions that were used previous year. Within 2 weeks of school starting teacher will review new student with committee. Teacher will have the option of starting behavior plan or implementing their own.
  • Discussed pep rally at the beginning of the school year (within the first month instead of first day).
  • Discussed book study with parents, nothing confirmed yet, but want to do something.

Project Based Learning Link...click below

Evaluation Changes and Update - 2013-2014

The HSE admin team had a meeting on June 19th to review the changes to the TER document. I am unable to embed or attach this item to this particular smore, but will send the power point with change descriptions on Friday, June 21th. The changes, you will find, are wonderful. The document alignment is fixed and standards have been consolidated, deleted, and or tweaked. Please review the changes and I will present you with the new document (electornically) before our kick off meeting. Thanks to all of you for your patients and flexibility the past year with our new evaluation system!

Committee and Members for 2013-2014 (subject to change)

School Improvement

Dana Kaminski

Beth Shepperd

Lindsey Beal

Jen Werling

Marissa Grant

Kristen Swearingen

Jordan Foegley

Sarah Schermerhorn

Amy Murch

Leslie Rideout

Kristin Marley

Bridget Ryan

Team Leaders









Young - HSE21 Coach

Patrick - HSE 21 Coach

Murch - HSE 21 Coach








Same as last year

Words Their Way Support - "Been there done that."

Remember this is a year of discovery with WTW...full implementation 2014-2015.



Project Based Learning Resource

Welcome New BSE STAFF

Kid President Classic: Episode II

An old video...one you might have viewed, but worth a few minutes of your time.

Student Data - Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh