World War I

Timeline by: Aidan Drury


-Prussia forced Germany to give up territory along the German border. As a result of this France and Germany became enemies with each other.


-this is when the Franco-Russian alliance is formed


- Germany began building a larger and more modern navy


- Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia.

Feb. 1915

- Germany began sinking ships
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- Woodrow Wilson's campaign slogan was "he kept us out of war"


- American loans given out to allies added up to almost 2 billion dollars

feb-mar. 1917

- Germany sank six more American ships

apr. 1917

- Wilson petitions to declare war on Germany


- United States enters the war
World War One 4 Why did the USA enter WWI

July 4, 1917

- AEF arrives in Paris


- treaty of Brest-litovsk
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Mar. 21, 1918

- Germany's last offensive attack

June 1, 1918

- American and French troops blocked the Germans from taking over Paris

July 15, 1918

- When the German's one finally massive attack to try and defeat Germany

Sept. 26, 1918

- battle of the Argonne Forrest
Sergeant York Battle Scene Argonne Forest France

Oct. 1918

- Poland and Hungary declared their independence

nov. 9 1918

- Germany became a republic

nov. 11 1918

- an agreement was made to end fighting, this is when the war officially ended

Jan. 1919

- delegates from 27 countries gathered for a peace conference at the palace of Versailles. This resulted in the treaty of Versailles
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