Gang Violence

How can we stop Gang Violence?

Gang Violence Prevention

Ways we can help reduce gang violence and activity are by communities communicating with each other. We all know at least someone having trouble with family members or friends inside gangs. We want them to realize how bad it is to be in gangs. The only way we can, as humans, who care for each other is by talking to eachother.


Ways we can safely achieve these goals are by uniting each other. Talk to each other. Help each other. The safest way to teach each others that gang violence is not the right thing, is by telling ex gang members of how their life has been damaged thought out those times. Now they can explain to those teens how it is not worth being in a gang. Then that way they capture and always have in mind the positives and negatives of a gang. They can prevent from being hurt. They can prevent hurting your family, Friends and all those relationships you have with close people you love and that care about you.