The Tragic 1985 Chile Earthquake

Shaking in Chile

"Whenever your in an earthquake, it is very important to keep your cool" -Aunt Sally

My grandfathers sister Sally who lives in Chile has experienced many earthquakes, but one she specifically remembers was the 1985 Chile earthquake. The 1985 Chile earthquake occurred Offshore Valparaiso, Chile on March 3 at a magnitude of 7.8.

Sally was casually walking with her children at 6:47pm. All of the sudden she heard what she thought was a truck. So, she walked to the side of the road. All of the sudden along with the noise the ground was moving.

Not knowing exactly what to do she stood there with her kids. One of her kids fell. After a couple minutes the quake was over. Two of her workers house fell down and many cracks where found on their house. That night she slept in her bed with the door open for emergencies and her kids slept in her car.

My Aunt Sally thinks you should always have flashlights in your house in because sometimes lights go out in a earthquake. A radio for anymore information. Water and canned food.

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