Google Play Versus Itunes

A comparison of Android's app store and Apple's app store

Google Play

Google Play, or The Android Marketplace, started on October 23, 2008. Ever since they have 700,000 apps and 25 billion downloads. It is the application store for Android-based devices. It offers a full array of apps. There are apps for magazines, movies, books, music, and most popularly, games.

Pros of Google Play

  • Google Play is less lenient with their apps, making it possible for a lot of different apps Apple wouldn't accept.
  • The marketplace offers movies, whereas Apple's store does not.
  • The user-interface is very clean and easy to use. Everything is easy to find.

Cons of Google Play

  • With everything being less lenient, that means the quality of apps will be less than Apple's store.
  • The marketplace is usually the second to receive all the popular apps that Apple's marketplace will have months in advance.
  • The color contrast is very dull, making everything less appealing.


Apple started their app store section of iTunes on July 10, 2008. Ever since they have 775,000 apps and 40 billion downloads. Although they have higher standards with their apps, they have more than Google Play. iTunes usually gets the popular apps first.

Pros of iTunes

  • The app store has higher standards, which means the quality of their apps are better than Google Play.
  • They usually receive the more popular apps first.
  • The user-interface has a modern look to it and has nice color contrast. It's also extremely easy-to-use.

Cons of iTunes

  • Due to their higher standards, most apps wont be accepted.
  • The app store doesn't offer movies.
  • Apple's policy with apps is very strict and often leads to complications with having two Apple products.

Similarities of Both Marketplaces

  • Both have free, or lite, apps and apps that cost money. The price can range from ¢.99 or $10.00.
  • Both stores can be accessed from a variety of devices to the corresponding brand.
  • They have the same apps, if they become popular enough. There are apps that are exclusive to a certain marketplace.