From Oranges to Orange Juice

By: Kayla Reiter 3AC


Have you ever wondered how orange juice is made? Orange juice goes from oranges to orange juice in the following ways.


The first step in the process of making orange juice is is the farm. People pick oranges from the tree and put the oranges into large bags. They put the bags in a truck


The second step in the process of making orange juice is factory. People take oranges and wash them to remove any dirt. Then they squeeze the oranges with a machine. Juice comes out.


The third step of making orange juice is the store. Many people buy orange juice. Also, some people make there own. Orange juice is healthy. You can buy orange juice with pulp, some people don't.

Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts about orange juice. First explorer Christopher columbus brought the first oranges to the Americans more than 500 years ago. Second, some juice machines can take the juice out of 700 to 400 oranges per minute. Last, parts of oranges are used to make Perfume, Makeup, soup, Bug spray, And paint.


This was the process of making oranges to orange juice. Now that I know how my product is made, I may try to research about maple sryup.
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