Sara DiDonna


1)Name a book that you love and why you love it. Sara said "Paper towns. Because it is very mysterious."

2)Where is your favorite place to read? When do you usually read? Sara said "On my bed, and I like to read at night."

3)Do you prefer reading on paper or an e book? Sara said "On my kindle, because it is easy to hold."

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1)Describe your first memories of writing? Sara said "Writing a personal narrative about my first vacation."

2)Have you ever kept a journal? What did you write about? Sara said "Yes, I write about my life."

3)What's the most important advice that you would give to another writer? Sara said " Write about what you love."

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Just for fun

Have you ever been on an airplane? Where's the best place that you have gone? Sara said "Yes, the best place I have traveled to was Columbia."
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