For Sale: House of Usher

The mansion to die for

Thanks to Edgar Allan Poe, author of the nonfictional story, "The Fall of the House of Usher," this beautiful mansion gives you every right to be scared at night.

This mansion got it's stupendous name, "The House of Usher," from its previous owner, Mr. Usher and his family. The interior of the house has very spacious rooms, allowing you plenty of space for any activity of your choice. The mansion is placed on a very large amount of land. It is surrounded by the beautiful lake with fog, and just outside the back door of the mansion, are the creepy, but very short, mossy stairs to the lake.

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Everything you need and more!

This glorious, mysterious castle-like mansion gives you the beauty of having bad dreams every night. With its' creepy lake just down the mossy stairs to the always foggy lake. What could you not love about this 1,300 acre home?

All the thrill and horror you could ask for given to you just from a mansion!

Problems you may encounter:

  • You may get chills and start to feel as if someone is watching every move you make while living here.
  • The appearance of twin ghosts may occur.
  • If you happen to find blood stains on the floor or walls, don't be afraid, but clearly someone or something was murdered in the house by the previous owners.
  • Loud banging or screeching noises may occur.