Classical Conversations

N. Arizona, S. Nevada & S. Utah Director Newsletter

February 2016 Newsletter

Fantastic February Directors! As we move into February, our twice monthly one-on-one phone conversations will begin. I am excited to hear what God has been doing in the lives of your CC community and families. Please be sure to read through this entire newsletter :)
One-on-One Meeting Schedule

Monday we will be starting our twice a month one-on-one phone conversations. If you have not signed up for a conversation time, please do so ASAP! Closer communication with one another will enable me to better serve you and your communities :)

School Choice Week IM Tracking

School Choice Week was this past week. Please be sure to enter your IMs specifically for School Choice Week on the attached spreadsheet.

2016 Director IM Tracking

On Sunday of each week, please use this sheet to enter the number of Information Meetings you may have held the previous week. This will streamline IM reporting and keep us all on track.

A Peek into Challenge

Most of our communities are beginning to start the "Challenge Program Journey". The following link has videos from current students and graduates of the CC Challenge Program. I encourage you to take the time to view these videos.