21st Century Explorer

By: Bryan Santos

Mt. Vantriss

Mt. Vantriss is a mountain that was formed by the actions of the jdF tectonic plate. The plate grinds together with another one and results in one plate lifting up and tilting over. This caused a mountain range to form across the tectonic plate separations. This mountain is unique because it is surrounded by a beautiful group many organisms and the life around it is extraordinary. Mt. Vantriss is located near the island of Vancouver. A much smaller island that's surrounded by the blue ocean and many amazing sea creatures. The population of this island which is called the island of Destrie is very small. People that live on the island chose to build a village on the flattest region of it. Many people love to hike up Mt. Vantriss to check out the beautiful view of the island the ocean around it.
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Santaiza Falls

Santaiza Falls is a cataract landform that is located in New Zealand. Cataracts and many other waterfalls are formed when the body of water is running down a steep mountain or hill. Then the rocks on the mountain or hill erode enough so that the waterfall goes directly down into a bigger body of water. This cataract's water level decreases 7 inches each year. It is over 100 meters tall. This cataract impacts the people around it with negative ions that cause a positive impact on health, mood, energy and more.

Lanasdel Swamp

The Lanasdel is obviously a swamp that is found in the state of Louisiana. This swamp has all kinds of creatures living within it. Creatures like alligators, frogs, dragonflies, egrets and much more. This swamp like many more is earthquake resistant. This swamp is a freshwater swamp and is a combination of land and water with many trees all over it. It was formed with a lake and was formed many years ago with the amount of rainfall. It built up and became more swamp like and forms into a permanent swamp. Lots of plants are found in a region like this like, duckweed, spanish moss that hangs down the trees, shrubs and bushes that surround beneath the tree. Humans impact the swamps by filling it with dirt to make a surface to build houses and other small buildings. Humans also don't think of the consequences when they use swamps as a sewage system. If you wanna live near here be sure to look out for alligators!