German imagrants

looking for a better life

country facts

population now is 820,029,000. They speak german and they wear drid's for girls and leader hosen for boys. Their famous foods are beer and brat warst. Their music is mostly oprea. The germans brought over christmas and the easter bunny.

german immigrant facts

germans came to America for religus freedom and a better way of liveing. The most came in 1600 1700. the father comes first to make mony amd find a house then he sends money back to hes famile so they have mony to come over. Most germans settled in the nothern states like wisconsin,minnasoata.

problems when the germans got here.

Most germans faced no money and no house and sick kids also cant support their familes.

more facts

1. In world war 2 a german sub was sinkend by a broken toilet.

2. 70% of german high ways have no speed limit.

3. their are over 300 types of bread in germany.

4. gummy bears were inveted in germany.

5. 2% of germans do not have cell phones.

6. Their are bread muesam in germany.


some famuos people from germany are Beentoven is a famous composer. albert einstine famous inventor. Then ann frank the aouther of a diary from ww2 that was published into a book germans lost ww2.

brawtwarst a famous food in germany.

4 pounds of lean pork

1 pound of veel or beef

2 table spoons of kosher salt

1 table spoon of ground nut meg

2 tea spoons of ground mace.

1 tea spoon of ground ginger

2 hole eggs beaterd

1 cup of cold milk

1 cup of non fat dairy milk powder.