Solar power energy and how its bad!

Read carefully and see why solar energy shouldn't be for us!

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Information you should know about solar power energy is described below.

Solar power energy first of all can be very expensive and depends where you live alot of maintanence and additional things that you may have to buy and take time to do.

Some reasons

Solar energy wont work for alot of america where its cloudy and snowy and at night times either. It will never be able to power a whole town or city it would take alot of solar panals and would have to rely on nature for the suns energy and nature is unpredictable so its not very good thing to rely on.
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Solar energy is making less jobs too. So it that case its not good for job wise its taking jobs away from people who work at like Excel energy. It wont be good for the economy maybe for you personally later on it may be but not for alot of other people.
Another thing is people that are like lets say fashionable wont like them it will make your house look pretty goofy in your neighborhood and if you set them up in your yard youll need alot of space and wont work for most town homes.
So this is why I beleive solar energy isnt good for our economys and towns and neighborhoods. sincerly ;Local Smart resident
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