Mark Mellon and Patrick Barber

The Sharpvile Massacre had a social impact on society

The Sharpeville Massacare occurred on March 1960. The Sharpeville Massacre was when hundreds of people where presenting themselves to the police and police panicked and opened fire on a crowd with automatic weapons. The impact was massive with 69 killed and 186 wounded, 11,000 arrested. this was a major turning in South Africa's history. After this horrifying event a law was passed that required all blacks to carrie a book that established that they were black citizens of South Africa. (Pass Books)

The Apartheid separated blacks and whites in South Africa

During Aparthied the Whites and Blacks were seperated the whites lived in nice big houses. The blacks lived in trashie and dirty villages. It wasnt just the blacks the population was 13% African, 77% coloureds,(a mix of descents) 8% and asians 2%. four out of 10 homelands declared independent. massive resettlement of people and hardship on people.