Sea Turtles

Victoria, Edgar, Adrian, Natasha


To most people a sea turtle is just a beautiful creature in the sea. Except, the reality is that a sea turtle has a big role when it comes to keeping the ocean healty and stable. Sadly, most people seem not to care much and it's causing the sea turtle to go extinct.

The Treats of the Sea Turtle

The threats that the sea turtles faces include climate change, marine debris, direct fishing, as well as commercial fishing. This threats are leading to deaths and as well as extinctions. The plastic bags that go i the ocean start floating around and the turtle think the plastic bags are jellyfish. So instead of the turtle eating a jellyfish, the are eating the plastic bag.

Dangers Of The Garbage In The Waters

Benefits that Sea turtles provide

Well, sea turtles are one of the longest living groups of animals to have ever existed, having far outlived the Dinosaurs. They have existed for approximately 200 million years, adapted perfectly for their environment until human activities placed them under increasing pressure. Sea turtles are a flagship species, which means they are a species chosen to represent an environmental cause conserving the marine ecosystem and wildlife. Sea Turtles act as environmental indicators. When populations are healthy, it reflects on the health of their marine habitat.