Zeus, Olympus, and Beyond

Zeus is the boss

Zeus, Olympus, and Beyond

Like mythology? Then you should love "Zeus, Olympus, and Beyond," Its so cool people think it was made by the gods. Others say it is just plain AWESOME!!!


Zeus is the leader of all gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus. he has many wives and every god is related to him because of it.

Zeus lived in Olympus!

Zeus lived with all gods. He loved his family and friends. He kept the good, good! His brother Hades was cruel and mean and wanted him gone. Though Hades could not return to Olympus. So they were kept safe.

Interview With Zeus

Zeus: Hello!

Michael Jackson: Hi! Who are you?

Zeus: Well I’m the ruler of all gods! Zeus!

Michael Jackson: Oh Hello! What do you do for a living?

Zeus: Well I protect Mt. Olympus and Earth!

Michael Jackson: Well Thank you! Do you have siblings?

Zeus: Well yes! All of my fellow gods are my brothers and sisters!

Michael Jackson: Any children?

Zeus: Yes, Hercules the brave and mighty.

Michael Jackson: Oh is he! And is your powerful job, well hard?

Zeus: At times it may be, when trouble goes round’.

Michael Jackson: Oh must be. Well do you have a wife?

Zeus: Yes, the beautiful Hera!

Michael Jackson: Do you have enemies?

Zeus: Yes, Well kind of my brother Hades.

Michael Jackson: What has he done?

Zeus: Tried to take over Olympus.

Michael Jackson: How did your life go while growing up?

Zeus: Well my mother had taken me to a cave down far. Some Nymphs raised me.

I had my own goat where I drank milk most of the day. My mother did not really want me.

As I became older I got stronger over days of hard working. As I became my age now I

took the ruling of Mt. Olympus!

Michael Jackson: Well thank you for your time Zeus!

Zeus: No Problem!

Hulk and Zeus