Psychology Disorders Research Guide

For the Psychological Disorders Assignment for Ms. Bekerman

Use MackinVIa

Use MackinVia


Choose Reedy HS Frisco, TX

Login: 6 Digit Student ID

Password: 8 digit birthday

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Use these databases in MackinVia

Step 1 Encyclopedia Britannica

Use the Level 3 Resources in Britannica.

Stick to the articles, images, and videos on the left hand side for this assignment.

Your Citation is up at the top when you click on the checkmark.

Be sure to change the citation type to APA!

Be sure and take notice of all the different articles available for each disorder. Try looking things up several different ways.

Step 2 EBSCO Consumer Health Complete

In MackinVia go to EBSCOHost and Consumer Health Complete.

Focus on Encyclopedias, Reference Books, Facts Sheets & Pamphlets

For Citations in this resource, you have to do the following:

  1. Go to Print
  2. Change the Citation Format to APA
  3. Choose Print
  4. Choose Cancel
  5. Copy and Paste the Citation from the Print Preveiw

Step 3 Student Resources In Context

Be sure to filter your resource list and look at the reference sources first.

Green Circle resources are BASIC

Yellow Square resources are INTERMEDIATE
Red Triangle resources are ADVANCED

You can save resources directly into your Google Drive.

Be sure and change your citations to APA format!

Step 4 Health & Wellness Resource Center

This database should be used a last resort because the citations are only available in MLA. If you need to use this database, use the MLA citations and make a separate Works Cited Page for your MLA citations using MLA Works Cited format.

Step 1: In MackinVia, go to the Health & Wellness Resource Center.

Step 2: At the top of the database, click on Gale Databases

Step 3: Scroll down to Additional Products and click on Health and Wellness Resource Center and Alternative Health Module

Step 4: Now search for your disorder.

In the articles, there will be an MLA citation at the top of each source.