Computer Hardware

Computer Hard Drives (HDD/SSD)


A HDD is a Hard Disk Drive, the HDD stores everything you save on your computer. It is made up of a moving arm which reads and writes information onto a disk below. They are quite big and genrally make a computer quite big.

A SSD is a Solid State Drive, it does the same as a HDD but its thin and small and doesnt have a moving arm inside. As they are smaller they can fit in iPads etc... However because they are smaller they are more expensive and appliaces that jave them are generally more expensive.


An ODD is an Optical Disc Drive. It holds Discs, CD's and DVD's. It reads them and is able to play them on your computer/laptop. The prolem is they are very big and don't fit in thin laptops. Many new laptops like the MacBook Air , don't use them becuase they are so thick. They say that downloading the software from the internet is the moden way to do things.


The Monitor is the picture displayed on the screen. Without it your screen will just be black. It displays graphics, videos etc.. Its also known ad screen, display, video screen or video display. They used to be really big and bulky. However due to moden technology they are now very thin and more useful.