Conserving household water

Waste water today... Live in desert tomorrow

What can we do to conserve water?

A house uses up to 80-100 gallons per day. If we keep this up then in the future we will barley have any water left for all of us. To change this, people in their homes should start to turn off the tap while they are brushing their teeth. 2.5 gallons of water comes out the faucet per minute. So if you are brushing your teeth for 5 minutes, while the water is running, then you are wasting 12.5 gallons of water and that is a lot. You can also cut your showers short, you can take a 5 minute shower because you only waste 5 gallons of water per minute. Another way you can conserve water around your house is to broom your drive way instead of using the hose if you want to clean it. It may be tiring but it is worth it.

What are the benefits of conserving water?

The benefits of conserving water is that people in their homes would save more money. Water cost a lot of money in homes. Another benefits is that if we conserve water, it will protect water resources, saves energy used to pump, heat, and treat water, and the last benefit is that it maintains the health of aquatic environments. If we were constantly doing all these things to conserve water, then our world would be a lot different, in a good way.

What would happen if we dont conserve water?

If no one in the environment conserved water then many bad things will happen to the environment. If we don't conserve water, we wont have any healthy water left for anyone and we would mostly rely on rain but if we do save water, then that will prevent health hazards and armed conflict. It is most likely that if we don't have any fresh water for the environment and for the world, people would die because in order to survive, we need to drink water. Humans cant survive for three days without water. If we do not save water, we will destroy the habitats of the fishes and animals, we'll destroy drinking water supplies, and we'll increase the burden on wastewater treatment plants. The more water we send down the drain, the more work these plants have to do to make water clean again. These are effects that will happen to the environment if we do not conserve water.