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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and an aesthetically

The Importance of Page Loading Times

Experts now say a website has three seconds to capture the visitor's interest before they decide to leave and look for the desired product, service, or information elsewhere. Three seconds isn't very long, thus every business owner needs to focus on their Website Design and ensure it draws people in immediately. In fact, a study was carried out by Akami and Gomez which found half of all visitors will leave the site if it doesn't load in this time frame. This means a lot of people will be lost before they ever truly know what the business has to offer. With the help of the right designer, any business can ensure they have a site that truly engages the visitor from the moment he or she arrives on the site.

What to Keep

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and an aesthetically pleasing site is of importance. However, speed needs to take precedence when the user first visits the site. For this reason, it must become part of the design parameter and business owners should demand nothing less. Data takes a long time to download. Google recognizes the need for sites to load rapidly and put the Google Speed Update into effect in July 2018. Sites that load quickly are now prioritized over those that take more time, and other search engines will likely make similar changes in the future. Imagine moving down in the search engine rankings for no reason other than this. Nobody wants to do that as it leads to a loss in business. Keep only those things that will encourage the visitor to explore further.

What to Eliminate

Gigantic photos are an example of a data form that takes a long time to load and uncompressed videos fall into the same category. There is a reason many website designers are eliminating Javascript from their tool chest. It tends to bog down the site and take a long time to load. While these items can still be used on the website, they have to be added in such a way that they don't have a negative effect on the loading time for a page. If they do, they need to go, and a website design company Lakeland can be of great help in replacing them with similar items that deliver the same message or information without slowing down the site and the page loading time.

When it comes to website design Lakeland, the page loading speed is only one factor that needs to be taken into consideration. There are numerous others. However, this one does need to be prioritized, as the search engines are making page loading time a priority in their algorithms. If you need assistance in this area, don't hesitate to work with a website design Winter Haven provider. The provider will be of great help in creating a website that lures visitors in and meets search engine criteria at the same time.