Bearcat Brief

October 21, 2016

Professional Reading:

This one Piqued my Interest

Try reading this article with the lens of "Growth Mindset" and "Assessment for Learning vs. Grade Grabbing" rather than the "Boo-hoo, you got a B" lens.

Defining Kindness

This article has a headline of Pre-School, but seems highly relevant to me (besides, who doesn't love Mark Ruffalo).
Worried that students don't read closely enough on the computer? Read this one.

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Upcoming Events


October 21- Book Fair begins

October 23- 28- Red Ribbon Week

October 24- 7/8 Grade Girls Basketball vs. Pacific (Pack the Gym) 5:30, Book Fair Open

  • Book- Maribeth, Clock- Josh V, Gate- Kara E, Concessions- Still Needed

October 25- 7/8 Grade Girls Basketball cs. Union, 5:30

  • Book- Hosick, Clock- Still Needed, Gate- Burns, Concessions- Still Needed

October 27- Parent-Teacher Conferences, 1:15- 7:00; Parent Advisory Committee Meeting, 6:00

October 28- October 31- Fall Break

Technology Ideas