Weekly update for distance learners

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NYC families with kids are scared of going back offline learning

The study, which tests a racially and geologically delegate gathering of city government funded school families, is little, yet offers a portion of the solitary information to date about how the over 60% of city families whose children are still completely distant are considering the following fall.

DOE representative said the office is facilitating a progression of ward municipal centers beginning one week from now in Staten Island "to address questions and ensure everybody feels good and energized for what will be an inviting, connecting with and urgent school year." Here are some tips for keeping kids safe on social media so they can stay home safely.

37% of families said that having far off classes educated in school structures, a training known as "Zoom in a Room" would make them lean towards all-distant. 44% said an assurance of five days per seven day stretch of face to face classes the following fall would help persuade them to get back to class structures. City hall leader de Blasio has focused on making five days per week accessible to any understudy who needs it in September.

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