Salem Spotlight

September 2016

Principal's Message

by Mrs. Smith

September 23, 2016

Dear Salem Township Elementary Families,

A good day at school begins and ends with a pleasant routine at home. Try these ideas for establishing good habits with your child.

A Fresh Start

A Calm morning can help your youngster go to school with a positive attitude. Build an extra 10 minutes into his/her wake-up time so he/she won't be rushed if he/she spills food on his/her shirt or misplaces a pair of glasses. Also, let your child think of tasks he/she can complete the night before, such as showering or putting his/her book bag by the front door.

Backpack Check

Use your child's backpack to spark conversations about school. Sit together while he/she goes through it, and talk about what's inside. If he/she shows you his/her report on elephants, you might say, "I didn't know they could eat 300 pounds of food in a day!" or "What was the most interesting thing you learned about elephants?"

Screen-time Limits

Large doses of TV, video games, and apps can distract your youngster from his/her "job": being a student. Encourage your child to spend free time playing outside with friends or reading for pleasure. Note: Experts recommend no more than two hours of screen time per day.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Smith, Principal

Salem Preschool Information

by Mrs. Byrge

Preschool is so excited to be back at Salem Elementary!

Our program has grown tremendously since the last time we were housed in this building. Little Miami Preschool encompasses 6 Early Childhood Intervention Specialists, 6 paraprofessionals, 2 Speech Pathologists, 1 Occupational Therapist, 2 Physical Therapists, a Director, and a School Psychologist. We offer a 4 day a week program servicing both tuition students and students with special needs, that expands our youngest learners minds through our Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum , art, and play.

Highlights from this month include:

  • Motor Moves- Our PTs and OT have worked hard to provide us with a twice a month, 30 minute, age-appropriate "gym class" that targets both gross and fine motor skills such as dance routines and yoga.
  • Becoming Scientists- We are introducing what a scientist is and what kinds of things they do through engaging activities like mixing primary colors to make secondary colors and making "Magic Milk" dance.
  • Baking- We have been measuring, counting, reading/following directions, and practicing taking turns making playdough and applesauce!
  • Book Worms- Our assembly taught our kids about how important and fun reading can be. Reading every night with your child helps to promote a better relationship with you, increases vocabulary and attention span, and helps with his/her thinking skills.
  • Family Engagement- We are planning a family day at Bonnybrook Farms!
Little Miami Preschool

Click here to visit our website!

Save the Dates

by Mrs. Miles


10/7/16: End of First Quarter

10/10/16: No School (Columbus Day)

10/11/16: No School (Teacher Inservice)

10/24/16: Late Arrival

11/8/16: No School (Teacher Inservice)

11/23/16-11/25/16: No School (Thanksgiving Break)




PTO Dates

9/22/16: PTO LaRosa's Family Night (5:30-9:00)

10/4/16: PTO Meeting (7:00pm)

10/23/16: PTO Skate Night

10/28/16: Halloween Parties

11/29/16-12/8/16: Holiday Shop


10/17/16-10/26/16: Book Fair

10/27/16: Picture Retakes

11/3/16: 3rd Grade Music Performance (6:30pm: Chance, Temple, Foley, Freedman)

11/3/16: 3rd Grade Music Performance (7:30pm: Houillion, McEntire, Fey, Vanell)

11/10/16: 3rd Grade Music Performance (6:30pm: Barr, Kenter, Farlow, Osborne)

11/10/16: 3rd Grade Music Performance (7:30pm: Brendamour, Ison, Taylor, Whiting)

Spirit Week (September 26 - 30)

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Helpful Handbook Reminders

by Mr. Taylor

Curriculum Connection

by Mrs. Horvath and Mrs. Eckstein

Learning About Your Child as a Reader:

Fountas and Pinnell's Benchmark Assessment

We believe as educators that one of our most important jobs is to know our students as readers and writers. One of the ways we do this is by an assessment you may have heard about already from your child called F&P. F&P stands for Fountas and Pinnell’s Benchmark Assessment. The purpose of this assessment is for us to find out what level your child is reading at and how he/she performs in three areas: Accuracy, Fluency, and Comprehension.

Accuracy- Is your child reading the words correctly? How is he/she solving unknown words? Does he/she understand the vocabulary?

Fluency- How does your child sound when he/she reads? Does he/she adjust tone, voice, timing, expression, and what is his/her reading rate?

Comprehension- How well does your child understand what he/she reads? Can your child think not only about the text, but also beyond the text?

This assessment system not only will determine your child’s reading level but it also diagnoses a particular area of difficulty. This assessment is administered one on one. Your child is asked to read a text and then answer questions about what he/she read. The questions that are asked are checking to see if your child can think about the text (retelling and literal types of questions) but also think beyond the text (inferencing- the why do you think that and supporting his/her thinking from what the author said in the text). Knowing this information about your child helps guide us as educators to the specific need of your child so that he/she can continue to grow as a readers. Your child’s classroom teacher will be able to share this information with you at conferences. Our hope is that this will help provide you with a better understanding of what your child’s teacher is talking about when he/she shares your child’s F&P results.

Counselor's Corner

by Ms. Malblanc

I have continued my "Introduction to the School Counselor" class visits in 3rd and 4th grade classrooms during the month of September. I have really enjoyed getting to meet each student! I am also making preparations for all of the organizations who are coming in for our conference nights. Be sure to stop by the front lobby (in front of the 3rd and 4th grade gym) to visit these organizations and to complete a survey for me when you are in the building for your conference. Be sure to check out our Career Education Bulletin Board, located outside of the Main Office (located near the 3rd and 4th grade gym). This will be updated frequently with various careers to encourage our students to start thinking about what careers interest them.

Salem Student Council

by Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Hebrank

Salem's Student Council will again be an active part of our school and community this year!

Students will elect one boy and one girl from each third and fourth grade classroom. The third and fourth graders will have a kindergarten buddy class that they will visit each month to explain what student council projects will be happening during the month.

We are working with students to help them become leaders and role models for our school community, with service minded projects to give for the sake of giving.

If you have a third or fourth grader, you should have received information from your homeroom teacher on when elections will take place. We are hoping to have our first meeting at the end of October.

We are excited for another great year in student council and all that we will accomplish as we work together to make Salem an even better place to grow and learn!

Special's Spot - Music

by Mrs. McKinley

Fourth Grade

The Recorders are here! Please don’t get too mad at me. I know they can be extremely annoying once they first arrive. I will be talking to the kids about being considerate of those around them when practicing their recorders. You may want to come up with a special spot where they can practice so as not to annoy the rest of the family. I have told them not to play while riding the bus since I have car rider duty in the morning and must stop the buses in order to let the cars by. I would appreciate it if the buses actually stopped! ;)

We have been practicing our note reading this past week by playing music twister. This is played like regular Twister but they must put their hands or feet down on the note that is called. We just took a quiz so that we are ready once the recorders are passed out.

We will also be entering the Q102 Jeff and Jenn Christmas Choir Competition. We started learning the song, "Snowy Fun" at the beginning of the year and will record it within the next few weeks for entry. Winners will get money for their music program--first place-$5,000, second place-$2,000, and third place-$1,000. Every entry will be played on the radio on December 25th.

Third Grade

The third graders have begun learning music for their music program in November. We are doing a musical based on the book, “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.” Some of the third grade teachers use this book when teaching sequencing. Therefore, the first song in the show is entitled, “The Sequencing Song.” We began by sequencing some of the songs from the show. We looked for clue words in the song titles and tried to fit the songs into the story. We also talked a little about “point of view.” The students are also learning about basic music theory. We talked about the time signature, bar lines, and repeat signs. Finally, they have been learning to play the tone chimes. They must make sure that the instrument vibrates in order to make sure that the instrument will play correctly. We have already been working on the songs, "I Didn't Do It" and "The True Story." In order to play the tone chimes, we've been learning some basic music theory, including the time signature, measure, bar line, and repeat sign. They even got to see me dance like Michael Jackson!

All Music Programs will be held at the High School Auditorium:
November 3, 2016 at 6:30 Chance, Temple, Foley, Freedman

November 3, 2016 at 7:30 Houillion, McEntire, Fey, Vanell

November 10, 2016 at 6:30 Barr, Kenter, Farlow, Osborne

November 10, 2016 at 7:30 Brendamour, Ison, Taylor, Whiting

Notes from the Nurses

by Mrs. Knochel & Mrs. Sedlatschek

This fall students in PK, KG and 3rd grade will be screened for vision and hearing, per the Ohio Department of Health. If your child does not pass the screening at school, a referral will be mailed home. If you receive a referral, you are urged to follow-up with a hearing or eye care specialist depending on the referral.

Did you know that 80% of all learning comes through vision, so vision is critical to the learning process. Another interesting fact, according to the Ohio Optometric Association, is that 60% of students identified as problem learners have undetected vision problems. Thus, it is very important that students be screened and follow-up care received if necessary.

From the Desk of the Resource Coordinator

by Mrs. Miracle

Hello families! Cooler weather is fast approaching. If you find some of your child's winter clothing no longer fits, please consider donating it to the clinics at Salem. We always need gently used clothing (and shoes!) for students in need. We accept sizes anywhere from 3T to 10/12. Elastic waist pants, coats, and gym shoes work the best. Anything donated that Salem students cannot use, will be brought to Tabitha's Closet for other families in the community. Thank you in advance!

Also, are you looking for a way to volunteer and give back to the community? Do you know of any high school students looking for community service hours? Tabitha's Closet in Morrow is always needing help! In fact, they are looking for volunteers to help park cars and direct traffic at the Little Miami Triathlon. This is a huge fundraiser for Tabitha's Closet. Mark your calendars for Oct. 2 and call Denise at 513-600-0223 if you'd like to volunteer a few hours of your time that day!! Thank you!!

Salem Students Shine!

by Mr. Taylor

Salem PTO

by Lesa Banks

Sept. 29th- 1st Conference Night.

PTO and Parent Volunteers plan dinner for staff that night. Here is the link to the Sign Up Genius if you’re able to donate.

Salem Teacher Conference Dinners Thursday, September 29th (PreK, K, 3rd, and 4th)

Salem Teacher Conference Dinners Thursday, October 6th (PreK, K, 3rd, and 4th)

Oct. 4th- Salem Monthly PTO meeting at 7 p.m. in room 62. Macro’s Pizza Night, order dinner and mention you are supporting Salem’s Pizza Night and PTO gets a % at the end of year. ( Meeting is 1 week early due to no school on Oct. 11th)

Oct. 5,12,19,26 - Martial Arts America Landen After-school program- Information to come home soon.

Oct. 6th- 2nd Conference Night

Oct. 10th and 11th- No School

Oct. 17th-26th- Fall Book Fair- more information to come soon.

Oct. 23rd- Skate Night at Castle Skateland 6:30-8:30

Oct. 24th- Delayed Start

Oct. 28th- Halloween Parties

School Hours

Grades 3-4

Drop Off Begins: 8:55 am

Car Riders Dismissed: 3:20 pm

School Day Begins: 9:10 am

School Day Ends: 3:45 pm

Grades PreK & K

AM Start: 9:10 am

AM End: 11:50 am

PM Start: 1:05 pm

PM End 3:45 pm

Contact Information

Salem Township Elementary School
605 Welch Road
Morrow, Ohio 45152

Principal: Mrs. Lisa Smith
Assistant Principal: Mrs. Jamie Miles
Assistant Principal: Mr. Cory Taylor
Preschool Director: Mrs. Erin Losey

Office & Attendance Number: 513.899.5275
Fax Numbers: 513.899.3196 (Grades 3 & 4) / 513.899.2891 (Grades P & K)
School Website

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Little Miami School District uses EZPay to manage student lunch accounts and other transactions. Parents/guardians will need to visit the EZPay website to set up an account for the student or students in the family group.

Panther Backpack Program

Panther backpack is a volunteer program right from the hearts of the people in the community. Our goal is to provide needy students with nutritious meals on the weekends throughout the school year.

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