May 13, 2016

Slaying STAAR.....

Take a deep breath, y'all - it's least - mostly.

Semester exam schedule will be done next week. In my view, they have just taken semester exams; however, we are going to follow the timeline of the HS for those days.

We will talk more about the expectations for those tests next week.

I'd prefer something that takes work off of you rather than add more data. If you disagree with that, come see me, so we can talk about it.

Be patient over the next two weeks, we have had a ton of structure all year, and that will change with all of the trips and such that we do to end the year.

I know I have not finished summatives or sent them out, but I will - I have not had as much time to sit down this week as I thought I would have.

I'm really proud of everyone for handling 4 straight days of testing.....ending with a Morrowland....OMG....

Upcoming Dates.....

This weekend, our archers will be in Louisville, KY for the National Championship - wish them well.

Monday, May 16th: Awards Banquet, Citizenship brunch

Tuesday, May 17th: STUCO at Amazing Jake's, JH tennis @ Allen

Wednesday, May 18th: CI @ the Mint

Thursday, May 19th: CI @ Cowboys Stadium, Choir Concert @ 6:00

Friday, May 20th: GEMS @ Arboretum, JH Flag - Spring Show; athletic physicals for boys and girls will start at 12:30

Monday, May 23: BAND @ Grace Fellowship - this is Bobby and Stephanie's last Spring concert

Finishing the School Year Strong

On the Teach 4 the Heart website, they offer 8 suggestions for helping us finish the year strong. Teachers and kids are tired, but we all know from experience that the wheels can come off fairly easily at the end of the year. Here are the suggestions:

1. Don't coast, be intentional with planning and classroom activities.

2. Keep first things first - focus on most important tasks.

3. Draw on the relationships you've already built. You still have opportunities to impact students.

4. Strategically prioritize what to teach.

5. Don't plan to finish teaching early.

6. Communicate with parents, especially positive end of year communication.

7. Try to leave things as organized as possible for next year.

8. Decide to enjoy these last few weeks.

I love how we're encouraged to "decide to enjoy" these last few weeks, it's a great reminder that all of these suggestions are a choice. We can choose to be proactive in situations, choose to plan with purpose, and choose to intentionally engage students.