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Weekly Update - December 8, 2014

Week in Review

We have had a good week finishing up with the Lewis and Clark book and moving to Trial of Tears in Reading. All groups are finishing their small reading group books as well. We took a test over the Lewis and Clark book on Wednesday, but I still have some people finishing, so nothing graded yet.

In Math, we started Topic 8. As of right now, we will be finishing Topic 8 this week with a test on Monday, but that will depend on how fast we can get through things this week.

We completed the books in the small reading groups, and we will start new historic non-fiction books this week.

For everyone that came to Parent Teacher Conferences, thank you and it was good to see you all. It is great to have a moment to talk to parents about how students are doing in class, and for them to see what we have been working on.

We will have Parent Teacher Conferences again on Monday. I look forward to seeing the rest of you.

Weekly Calendar

Monday, December 8th
Reading Logs for the week of December 1st are Due - Remember your student is working for a special movie day after getting 5 reading logs in a row. it seems that this reading log may not have gotten into Friday folders the week of Thanksgiving, so some leeway will be given for this week. I have also told students that until we celebrate, they are totally welcome to "make up" any reading logs they may have missed.
Parent Teacher Conferences: 4:45-7:45

Tuesday, December 9th
AIMSWeb Testing
2:25pm: Keyboarding - Don't forget your headphones
Homework: Practice 8-3

Wednesday, December 10th
2:00 Library - We WILL have library - Don't forget your books.

Thursday, December 11th
Homework: Study for Spelling Test, Spelling worksheets

Friday, December 12th

Spelling Test
Spelling Worksheets are due.
10:30 Counseling Visit
Homework: Study for Math test

Week 16

This is the week of giving: The office is asking students to bring hats, mittens, gloves, scarves and socks (children or adult sizes) or personal care items to fill up the polar express train in the main hallway. Items will be donated to the Crisis Nursery, Youth in Need and the Salvation Army.

Math: We will we will finish Topic 8 this week and have the final test next week on Monday. This is the plan, but of course due to circumstances, this might change. This topic continues to be about developing fluency with multiplying by two digit numbers.

Objectives: Understand how historical fiction is different from other similar genres (narrative nonfiction, fiction and fiction)
Understand that setting is both physical (where and when) but also an emotional place (what does the place feel like)
Understand that reading requires paying attention to all the little details of the story: the who, the what, the when, the where and the why.
Understand that older characters in books often five words of wisdom to younger characters, and that these words of wisdom will be important to the character and are worth thinking about.
Understand that it is important to think about all the perspectives of the characters in the book and that characters' perspectives will be revealed through their words and actions.
We will be using the small reading group books (Dear Austin: Letters from the Underground Railroad, Facing West: A Story of the Oregon Trail, Number the Stars, Thin Wood Walls and I survived..) as well as the read aloud book "Dear Levi: Letters from the Overland Trail" to complete these objectives.

Writing: We will complete the opinion piece about the Trail of Tears and all the research we did on Thursday and Friday last week.
The big assignment in this next section is a new writing piece called a Literary Essay. The students have not been exposed to this writing, so this is all new to them.
Objectives: Understand that an essay is writing about a big idea and reasons that support the big idea.
Understand that essayists organize/structure the reasons into paragraphs.
Understand that in order to write about our reading well, we must read with attentiveness to detail that can spark new ideas.
Understand that skilled readers pay attention to the characters in the story, especially to the main characters' traits, motivations, struggles, changes, and life lessons.
Understand that in order to have big ideas about characters to write about, we must pay attention to the concrete details.
Understand that writers need to elaborate on their ideas to support an opinion and that simple prompts can help do that.

In small reading groups
Purple Group: Dear Levi
Orange Group: Facing West
Red Group: Dear Austin
Blue Group: Number the Stars
Book Club: Thin Wood Walls

This may change.


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